Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Watchmen movie

Now that they found the "right" director, 300's director,

"Filming has begun on Watchmen in Vancouver. Billy Crudup, in blueface, filmed a flashback scene of Doctor Manhattan meeting John F. Kennedy. Look alike actors were on hand to play JFK, Jackie, and JFK Jr. " (From the Atomic Comics newsletter, 11 September 2007)

This is amazing to me because, with the richness of Watchmen, I believe that more comic books and graphic novels will become treasure troves for the cinema. It all started with Sin City and then 300. Comic book movies can look good. They need not be campy and playful, but deep and dark at times. Tim Burton tried to capture that with the 1989 Batman, but truthfully, that movie does not stand up after repeated viewings. And with the success that was Batman Begins, we can see true superheroes hopefully, now that the technology exists to make them look good, not like Burt Ward and Adam West "scaling" the buildings in that Batman TV show.

And if they could just come up with a good script for Superman, he would be the king of adventure again. The studio should root through the best of the Superman comics, capturing the best stories, or even combining them, for the best movie(s). I couldn't understand why the screenplay and story idea were by writers I had never even heard of. There is a gold mine of excellent Superman stories out there.

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