Thursday, January 06, 2005

Dumb College Classes

Okay, I have a little beef with taking classes that waste my time. Sometimes I feel like I could learn it out of a video if they would just film the relevant stuff for an hour and a half. I started this class at the School District called "Teaching with Love and Logic." While the class is good, some of the logisitics are poorly run. For instance:

***Don't introduce other students. We DON'T CARE! Especially skip the silly questions to answer to make us all feel at home. Tonight's was "Where would you rather be?" Obviously not here.

***Get started! Don't waste my time! I would rather get out early. Don't wait for stragglers, otherwise I would like to be late too. Class didn't even actually start, after all those silly preliminaries, until 35 minutes after it began. What a waste.

***I hate video clips. Just give us the video to watch at home then. (This one sounds silly of me now that I write this.)

***And don't read off your notes like a script, especially when it sounds like you're "supposed" to be talking from the heart!

***And then we got out about 50 minutes early. Why schedule a class at all? Why not combine several sessions. If this is the first class getting out early, how was there not enough to do??

This is why I am timid about starting my masters degree.

Monday, January 03, 2005

The girls on Santa's lap, Christmas 2004.