Monday, September 17, 2007

Eragon audiobook

I never would have gotten through Eragon in novel form. I just finished it the other day as an audiobook, listening to it during my commute. I borrowed it from the library.

I had started the novel a year or so ago. After 70 pages of nothing really happening, I just never picked it up again. I would never have gotten through all the slow bits just reading it. I may be getting used to the audio format.

However, I liked Eragon. The world seemed familiar, like every other fantasy novel. But the new twist with the Dragon Riders was interesting. Also, I kind of liked the whole quest, especially his training a la Luke Skywalker. Many elements seem borrowed or transfixed from other stories, but they are tied together well. The climax was good--a big bang with enough left over for other books.

Now I have to get the audiobook of the sequel, Eldest.

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