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Monday, August 13, 2012

Fantastic Journey 1970s sci fi show

A couple of weeks ago, I finished Space:1999 and I commented on how I did not really know any of the characters. They were interchangeable--switch them with any sci fi show. I just finished, through the magic of YouTube, all ten episodes of the shortlived sci fi show from the 1970s Fantastic Journey.

After only ten episodes, I know more about Fred, Varian, Scott, and Willoway better than any of the characters on Space: 1999. This show distinguished itself from the run-of-the-mill what's-in-this-sci-fi-space (like Star Trek with new planets, even Battlestar Galactica for the most part).

It was a 70s show, but I believe that the concept holds up well. In fact, it is eerily reminscent, for the most part, with Sliders. Also, the basic concept of Quantum Leap, going from world to world basically, is mimicked from a show like this. Instead of a starship, they wander through zones of time on foot, like multiple Bermuda Triangles. With characters like this, the whole thing would hold up in a modern setting.

It suffered a bit from strange plotting. The pilot episode had extra characters that somehow "went on ahead" while the core travelers wandered. A family was separated--the dad and mom left the 13-year-old boy behind. They picked up new travelers along the way, including Roddy McDowall, who was basically a villain in his premiere episode. Something tells me that once he started acting in it, he said something about being in a show like this all the time so they probably wrote him in, being the acting name that he was. The last two episodes didn't even have the lovely Katie Saylor, who according to Wikipedia, was very ill during the filming so they wrote her out. Actually, she didn't live very long thereafter, dying in 1991 (or "thought to have died," according to Wikipedia); she must have really been ill.

The episodes were interesting. The action was faster, it seemed, than Space: 1999, and it did not drag. This was probably because of the characterization thrown in.

My hat goes off to Fantastic Journey. I was well entertained for the short run. Seeing as how I was only four years old when it first came out, I got around to the show only 35 years later!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Huckleberry Hound Cookie Jar

Huckleberry Hound Cookie Jar Description: Everyone's favorite Southern canine appears on this ceramic Huckleberry Hound Cookie Jar! Standing a sizeable 11 1/4-inches tall, this detailed jar makes for a perfect storage space for all those warm cookies you've got planned for weekend baking. (Read More...)

Powys Media

I like the tv show The Prisoner. So, often, when I stroll the web, I find new stuff relating to my favorite show. I recently came across a new series of novels on my favorite show! It's sort of like the feeling a geek gets when his series becomes a movie, or gets a reboot.

But I can't get the books!

Powys Media stinks.

This is some kind of fan shop but they apparently don't want to sell any books.

My home IP address has been blocked from their website, by the way, apparently for asking these types of questions.

Powys also sells novels and books about the old show Space:1999. This summer, I just finished watching all 48 episodes of that show and I must say, while I liked them a tad, I am not a superfan or anything. I thought there was no characterization, that the situations could just as easily been presented through any number of science fiction television shows. I don't think it would be a stretch, at all, to carbon copy those episodes just exchanging Star Trek characters. The moon could be the Enterprise. It really wouldn't make a difference.  So Powys has several books (supposedly) in the Space: 1999 universe.

However, I just checked and many of those books sell for well over $100.

Used, of course. There must be such a limited print run that they disappear. The one called Forsaken is selling for $144.89 right now!

And The Prisoner  is like this too. There were other books on Amazon. For the life of me, I can't find them there now. I have The Prisoner's Dilemma which is the one that sells for $15. There used to be one called Miss Freedom but I know I saw that going for $50.

So my question to throw out there--especially to Powys, who must not care about the fans--why can't a fan buy the books??

And then, when a fan, a customer! tries to ask a simple question, he gets banned from the website. Now that's the irony of the whole situation--Big Brother-like Village, website in this case, suppresses dissenting opinions.

Powys media books. I just don't understand. And rather than discuss it, even if I am a bit irrational about the whole thing, Powys just chooses to ignore me.

Giant Deluxe Monopoly Board

Giant Deluxe Monopoly Board Giant Monopoly Deluxe Board Game

Adventure Time 10-Inch Finn with Changing Faces

Adventure Time 10-Inch Finn with Changing Faces Adventure Time 10-Inch Finn with Changing Faces

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Gene Simmons and Arcana team-up and the world says, "SO??"

Comics world is NOT stunned! These are destined for the quarter bins!! Do you realize this??



"Simmons Comics Anthology” to debut on Friday, June 13th with book signing at 2:00 pm in Arcana Comics Booth 2415.

VANCOUVER (July 9, 2012) - Arcana Comics is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Gene Simmons to relaunch Simmons Comics Group, as revealed today in USA Today.

Gene Simmons, the legendary rock god and multimedia mogul is set to debut an all new Simmons Comics Anthology at SDCC This year. The Anthology brings together comics originally created by Simmons Comics, and includes the first issues of ZipperDominatrix and House of HorrorsPLUS the first chapter of the all-new crossover event, “The Slave Trade”, where Zipper and Dominatrix will face off against each other. "The Slave Trade" features art from rising star Yannis Roumboulias (DEADLY HARVEST) and is written by Arcana writer, Erik Hendrix (SIDESHOWSTHE EVIL TREECHAMPIONS OF THE WILD WEIRD WESTDEADLY HARVESTTHE BOOK, INTRINSIC, HEAD SMASH), who will be on hand during the convention to celebrate the relaunch of Simmons Comics Group.
“We intend on using the finest artists and writers in the comic book medium,” says Simmons. “ZipperTM,DominatrixTM, and Gene Simmons House of HorrorsTM will be published throughout the year. For Comic-Con we thought we would do something special and give the fans a jam-packed ‘Simmons Comics Anthology’ featuring all of our comic book titles. This is just the beginning.”

Creator Gene Simmons himself will be doing a book signing on Friday the 13th at 2 pm at Arcana ComicsBooth #2415.  Only 200 copies will be made available at Comic-Con of the Anthology. Fans will get the chance to meet Gene and get their photo taken with real life versions of Dominatrix and Zipper – two of the star characters from Gene’s comic.

As told to USA Today:

"There's Zipper, starring a leather-clad reluctant hero and 'misplaced bit-of-Jell-O-like-consistency alien' who finds himself on Earth after running from an enemy. 'He's got a strange fascination with humanity,' Simmons says."

"Another major title is Dominatrix, with a heroine who 'works hard for the money and deals pleasure and pain,' according to Simmons, in an action-packed story involving secret government organizations and super-soldiers. 'She just happens to be hot and bothered.' (She also meets — and throws down with — Zipper in a tale in the anthology.)"

"The third is Gene Simmons House of Horrors, an anthology series itself that uses different artists and writers for Twilight Zone-esque stories. 'Behind it all, of course, is the eternal, powerful and attractive visage of Gene Simmons looking on,' he says."

“Sean O’Reily has been completely supportive and a great partner in our re-launch of Simmons Comics Group. As a lifelong fan boy, I’ve been madly in love with the medium ever since in my early teens and have continued to ravenously devour comics through the decades,” adds Simmons. “Along the way, I created our three comics – ZipperDominatrix and Gene Simmons House of HorrorsZipper is an alien among us,Dominatrix deals pleasure and pain, CIA meet T & A. Gene Simmons House of Horrors consists of stories by some of the best talents in comics today.”

Arcana Comics is thrilled to be working with Gene Simmons and looks forward to delving into the worlds ofZipperDominatrix, and Gene Simmons House of Horrors further in the coming months!

Fans will get the chance to see the debut of exclusive art from the Anthology and be the first to get their hands on a copy.

To stay up to date on all news regarding Gene at San Diego Comic-Con and Arcana comics, as well as get a sneak peek at what’s in store, fans should make sure to like Arcana’s Facebook page: and follow on Twitter: @arcanastudios

Fan of The Prisoner denied access!

I have been attempting to reach real people at the Powys media website. They blocked my IP address from home!

They "publish" books about The Prisoner and Space:1999 TV shows. I say that loosely because they have such a limited print run that it is impossible to get the books. You can't order from their website, and if you could I simply couldn't find it, and when I checked on Amazon, one of the new ones was going already for $50.

So I left some notes on their forum boards. I want to be heard. So instead of actually answering my questions, as a fan, they blocked my IP address and denied access.

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