Monday, November 07, 2011

Fat or Skinny? Make up your mind!

Two ads from 1950s comic books. One saying to stop being so skinny. The other saying to get rid of some of that weight.

What?? Which do girls go with? No wonder so many are screwed up with weight issues, one way or the other.

Although, I do understand that being too scrawny is unattractive at times. However, the mixed messages here really collide.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Proof that the original Batman kills

Batman started out killing, even if accidentally a couple of times. The pics here from Batman #1 show this quite clearly.

In one panel, looking through the sights of a plane's machine gun, he even says, "Much as I hate to take human life, I'm afraid this time it's necessary."

The monster he "accidentally" strangles with a noose from his Batplane and then says something about the monster probably being better off, and then he just cuts him loose. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Batman.

The other monster is knocked off the ledge by the Batplane, as a quick and tidy way to finish the story that went on too long.

Three deaths in the opener.

Kids with real-looking guns

Before, they were just putting escaping gorillas back into cages. Now they are stopping crime!

I wonder how many kids tried scaring people into thinking their toy gun was real? I know that's why they started making toy guns look fake, because of the shootings by cops who thought this gun was real.

I wonder why the bad guy didn't just shoot the kid. What, was he really worried about the physical prowess of the kid. In the movies, the bad guy would've shot back at an adult in this situation.

If this were today, imagine the liability lawsuits.

"My Johnny was just trying to stop a bank robber and you SHOT him!"