Thursday, September 06, 2007

Stuff to do

I am not even excited about this upcoming weekend. I have to take my Illinois Teacher Certification tests, one on English subject matter, the other on actual teaching strategy stuff. It starts at 7:15 am on a Saturday, and the second one starts at 1:30 pm. That's all flippin day! I have to take the practice test in the next couple of days, just to get in the swing of things. I can't believe that I have to take these tests actually. There is a way around it, if I wanted to videotape my teaching and stuff but that sounds like even more of an inconvenience.

I know they have to make sure that we have the skills as teachers, but they make it so hard. There are so many hoops to go through just to be here. Step after step after step. I even have to accumulate all of these professional development hours, called CPDUs, over the next year, and I have to keep track and have them certified. I have to spend the whole day on Saturday taking certification tests.

I complain because I work hard each and every day. I am always on. Six periods a day, I'm always either up in front of the class or walking around helping out individually with assignments. I'm always thinking about what's going on in school. When I wash my hair in the morning, I'm going over what's on for that day. Now I won't be able to grade the freshman essays over the weekend because my Saturday is gone. Now it's time away from my family too.

I mean, look at the tests I have to take, essays and everything: ICTS testing site.

I am a big complainer but I hate having to prove myself. But unfortunately, I know that it is a necessary evil for all those bad teachers out there. (Hey, they passed the test.)

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