Friday, September 07, 2007


One difference between Nome and Central Illinois I have noticed that has really struck me is the music taste.

Nome kids listened to a lot of hip hop and R&B and rap. Central Illinois kids listen to more rock and roll and alternative.

Amy says this is because of the lack of radio stations in Nome. They listen to what they see (or their friends see since not everyone has TV) on MTV and other TV. Central Illinois has a variety of music radio stations to fit tastes, music stores to browse, and even more variety on TV.

When I started this year, I started with a little summary article on that rapper Kanye West and the future of hip hop. Thought I was being "hip" and giving the kids what they wanted. Only two kids had even heard of him. The next article was on Fall Out Boy. They all heard of that group.

Amazing, that difference.

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