Saturday, July 30, 2011

When old words don't mean they same as they used to

Here's an old Captain Marvel comic. In case you don't know, Captain Marvel is a boy named Billy Batson that turns into the Superman-like Captain Marvel by saying, "Shazam!"

In the second panel, the gangster says, "Hsst! Billy's sound asleep! I'll grab him! I noticed that whenever he's molested Capt. Marvel usually shows up!"

In the 1940s, the word "molested" did not have the main connotation of what it is today, that's for sure. If you read this panel today, you think that gangster is up to something else...

Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rocket Boomerang

From DC's 80-Page Giant #9 starring the Flash. Goofy Captain Boomerang wants to rob banks but that stupid Flash won't let him. So he builds a boomerang-shaped rocket to send Flash off into space. He then goes to try robbing another bank.

If I had enough money to build a boomerang-shaped rocket, and one capable of blasting into space, and one capable of carrying a 180-pound superhero (without any thought of aerodynamics) into space...

I wouldn't need to rob any freaking bank!

This was even before the moon landing, so Captain Boomerang would have a technology he could sell and make freaking billions.

If I were Flash, I would have told him that.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Alchemy Bankrobbing

Two pages from DC's 80-page Giant #9 starring the Flash.

Dr. Alchemy has the Philosopher's Stone and can transmute lead into gold.

Why the hell is he robbing banks??

First, you see him change pipes to gold. Then he goes to rob a bank. Then, in order to throw Flash off his trail, he turns some trash cans to gold on the other side of town so that he can rob a bank.

Does it take a rocket scientist to think, "Wow, I can take some of this gold to the freaking bank!! No more bankrobbing for me!"

If I were Flash, I would have told Dr. Alchemy this.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Love My ROKU--and TV will never be the same

For my birthday in January, my wife bought me that ROKU player. Plug and play into my TV like a DVD player that connects to my wireless and Voila! I get Netflix and other "channels" straight to my TV. Netflix Watch Now is available at the touch of a button. I can access a movie faster this way than if I had the actual DVD.

I just realized that the last time I watched regular television before this week was the Superbowl.

I did this week access my cable provider's ON-DEMAND feature to watch Torchwood: Miracle Day and Falling Skies. But only through ON-DEMAND. This is because I missed Torchwood when it started last weekend even though I really wanted to see it.

Why should I be tied to the TV at a very precise time? ON-DEMAND fixes that, however, the selection is way too limited, plus shows are only available for a limited time, like Falling Skies episodes are only available for a couple weeks or so. And extremely limited commercial interruptions, if any, so a show that would normally take a full hour to watch can be completed in about 45 minutes.

Now my Netflix Watch Now is like having the library of movies and TV that Bill Gates mentioned in that book of his, The Road Ahead, way back when. I get not only complete seasons of TV but complete television shows. It remembers where I leave off, even if it's in the middle of an episode. Thousands of movies are available, enough where I am never at a loss for something to watch.

No more pointless TV surfing--"What's on TV now?" Flipping channels for upwards of half an hour before you actually find something to watch. And then only settling for something that's on that you really don't want to watch in the first place.

I can get YouTube through my ROKU. movies (although they really break it up poorly with commercials--you wouldn't mind the commercials if they were more fluid or seamless).

I get PANDORA through the ROKU. I have a channel that can access just about any radio station that has an online feed. There's podcasts and net shows too. There's a classic movie and TV channel called Pub-D-Hub that is fantastic for old stuff. I can access the movies and audio files of most anything on Internet Archive ( And I like bad old movies, so I this is awesome.

I barely watch commercials anymore. So I realized, for shows like Falling Skies appearing on TNT, what is going to happen to these shows? In order for TNT to make and show, don't they need ad revenue? Here's a show I like and will watch but don't want to be tied down to a specific time. I absolutely hated that before ROKU. If I want to do something, I don't want to say that my show is on tonight and I can't. I want to watch it later, when I am available. I think that they will be adding more commercials soon to ON-DEMAND stuff, but that's ok. I will take the commercials if I can watch when I want.

Then there are other shows that I simply wait for Netflix now. They will get added eventually. There is no show that I am so dedicated to that I simply have to watch it now. So what about shows like CBS' Big Bang Theory or USA's Psych? Will they suffer in ratings because of this? Will they stop being made because of this?

Currently Big Bang Theory is not available through Watch Now--we rented the actual discs through Netflix. We heard from a friend that it was a good show, we started renting from disc one of season one, and we were hooked. We love it. We watched every disc available as quickly as we could. We tried to keep up with the new season as best we could--I think we managed to watch three weeks in a row. But then stuff happens. We missed one and then another, and pretty soon we kind of forgot. But if they were available now, we would probably watch in a heartbeat, even with commercials.

However, I ain't paying for single downloads through iTunes or HULU or something. And if I pay for single downloads or a monthly subscription fee, I don't want any commercials. And the worst part of that line of thinking is that I might be very limited in trying new shows.

It is changing. The pricing structure of television and cable is changing to where I see no cable in the future, only internet providers. Commercials are changing. Shows clinging to other shows for ratings like Thursday night lineups are changing. Besides live sports, I don't see what is going to be on TV anymore. Even TV news will have a structure where it is first available at 5 pm but you can start it at 5:06 if that is when you get home--no more missing the first top stories and having to wait until 5:30 or 6 to see it. Cable news shows will be first offered at a certain time but if you aren't available until half an hour later, you don't miss it.

I love my ROKU and haven't watched TV since. It's been seven months now. I haven't missed a thing but commercials. And I wouldn't say I've been missing them.

Best Comic Book Covers Ever

Cow Puncher #6

Best Comic Book Covers Ever

Avon's Strange Worlds #1 from the 50s.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best Comic Book Covers Ever

Avon's An Earth Man on Venus from the 1950s.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Danger--Ads Ahead

From an old comic book. No, this ain't dangerous at all...

Hitler Stamps

Mom! Mom! Can I have some????

Thursday, July 14, 2011

DC Universe relaunch--I bet it fails

The DC Universe is relaunching.

Yet again.

#1 issues again. I already can't keep track of back issue series for what came first, second, third. How many Green Lantern #1's do you need? How many Supergirl #1's?

The DC Universe is actually relaunching 52 titles. That will be 52 #1 issues in the coming months. The website for DC says it is actually one day, August 31, 2011.

I will bet that out of 52 series, only 20, less than half, will still be kicking two years from that date. So on August 31, 2013, I will see.

To survive:
Teen Titans
Wonder Woman
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Justice League
Justice League International
Birds of Prey
And about five I really can't foresee without knowing the creative teams. I mean, the old 80s Animal Man survived for 80+ issues solely because of Grant Morrison's original run on it. It literally limped along for 50 issues based on what that guy wrote and abandoned.

Other titles will merge. Whether those will continue numbering or what, I don't know anymore.

And anyway, what does it matter--I never buy new comics anymore. I am a back issue guy because I can get just about anything from years gone by for less than they charge on cover now.

Mile High Comics, baby. Free shipping over $10 order. I constantly get codewords to save 50-60%. Plus I get stuff that's in the 50-cent bins at Acme Comics in Peoria and then fill around missing issues at Mile High. Best stuff. Plus, I get to collect in retrospect. It's actually pretty cool to buy all the titles I never could afford way back when. Now I can because just about all of them are cheaper than cover price.

I love knowing what issues flow, in order. I loved knowing that Uncanny X-Men #281 went in order. Lately, you have no idea, with interwoven storylines throughout multiple titles. If you need a checklist, it is too damn confusing. For even me, and I love comics. (That checklist thing all started with Mutant Massacre but those stories were mostly standalone...)

Friday, July 01, 2011