Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The car

This is almost one of those maniacal jokes around the house anymore. Don't talk about the car! When we do we feel frustrated again about the fact that it was originally going to be in Seattle by the end of June. We were supposed to drive it across the country and be in Illinois by the Fourth of July.

However, it is finally coming. It is on a barge right now and is supposed to be in Seattle in just a couple of weeks.

Thank goodness! Amy will be able to stop riding the bus. I'll be able to just use my truck to go to and from work, especially since I drive 45 minutes each way. I also won't have to drop Madison off and add 15+ minutes to my commute each way, and actually, Madison won't have to go to preschool/daycare at 6:45 am and stay there til 4:45 pm. She would be dropped off by Amy about 10 til 8 am and get picked up at 4:30.

But it is coming! The car is almost here! Then we can work on getting a refund for this debacle that the shipping company made. But I am going to have the car in hand before I ask for my refund.

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