Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Warmer but blizzard

While the temperature may have risen above freezing, the first time in weeks, to a whole 8 degrees, it's because a blizzard has moved in. Whiteout conditions and six inches of snow tonight with more tomorrow. We drove into town to pick Madison up from daycare and I could barely see the road. (I hope school is cancelled tomorrow! Like a play day with the kids!)

We received the new switchbox in order to get the Intellivision to work but no dice. I t should be working now but isn't for some reason. I need my dad to help me, that's what I need. He could always hook these things up. Sure, there might be eight extra miles of cord but it worked!

Morgan created this little cartoon in The Far Side tradition. I honestly think it's hilarious. The bath mat says, "I'm always getting stepped on." The toilet paper replies, "You should try being me!"

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