Friday, January 26, 2007


Daily rambling...

My second and last observation of the year went well. "You're a good teacher," he told me. All high marks. No matter how normal the observation is to the teaching profession, one still feels under the microscope and a bit nervous. Twice a year with several "pop-ins" throughout the year seems like such a microcosm of my 180 days of teaching. All's well.

I saw a great movie the other day loaned to me by another teacher: SMOKE SIGNALS. It's about a lower 48 native American leaving the reservation to retrieve the ashes of his dead father, who left because of a horrible secret. It's funny and downright entertaining, yet it's also hearfelt and sincere. It confronts issues and tells the truth. I was awed by it. The other teacher told me it was funny, and he made it sound like a Cheech and Chong movie, but no, it was real. Highly recommended.

I have completely astonished the students at school and astonished myself as well. I have been able to wear a different Superman shirt every school day in January, without wearing the same one twice. We all, myself included, couldn't believe I actually had that many.

Oh, and for my birthday, my wife bought me an awesome Chicago Bears winter coat, just in time for the upcoming Superbowl!

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