Sunday, January 14, 2007

$21 a day

"$21 a Day (Once a Month)"

Release Date: 12/1/41
Direction: Walter Lantz
Artists: Alex Lovy and Frank Tipper
Story: Ben Hardaway and L.E. Elliot
Music Arrangement: Darrell Calker
Music: Felix Bernard Lyrics: Ray Klages
· Production Number: 1007
· The first "Swing Symphony" cartoon
· Be sure to look for cameos by Woody Woodpecker, Andy Panda, and Snuffy Skunk
· Incorrectly listed as "$21,000 a Day Once a Month" in Jeff Lenburg's Encyclopedia of Animated Cartoons
· Click here to see "$21 a Day (Once a Month)" sheet music.

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I have been looking for this cartoon for a long long long time. I keep thinking about it because I cannot get the tune out of my head. For over 20 years, I every once in a while blurt out the song, at least the chorus:

"They'll wake you up at five o'clock in the morning

For $21 a day, once a month."

I especially sing it when I have to wake up during the five o'clock hour. I hum it. When I have to think up a song fast, this is the song that comes to mind.

I can't find it though. I know it was a Walter Lantz cartoon, and if you know that name, you know he did Woody Woodpecker. So it was on during the Woody Woodpecker show when I was a kid. Back in Chicago when I was a kid, these shows always cut off the credits, especially the opening credits. They played it at the beginning of the half hour and that was it.

I want this cartoon. Of all the cartoons that I remember, this is the one that has stuck with me. I don't know what it is about that song, but it stuck in my head.

Do you know where I can score a copy of this cartoon?


Anonymous said...

you should check out "the walking dead" comix series. It's really interesting.

Matt Butcher said...

I should check it out--but as I tell my students while writing paragraphs, give me detail. What, exactly, is so "interesting" about it? Tell me more!

Anonymous said...

It's a post-apocalyptic zombie story that follows an ex-police officer and his search for his family, stability, etc. It follows true zombie form, as the zombies are "Romerian" and are incapable of planning, deep thought, etc. It explores the human mind as well (i.e. Are the zombies the living dead? Or are us humans zombies?) which is what I find the most interesting, that even in a world where society has fallen, people still cling to their prejudices. Also, it has some kick ass gore as well. All in all it should peak your interest for a week or so. Tell me what you think when you've read some?

Brian said...

Did you try a YouTube search on Walter Lantz? Try this out:

Brian said...

Ok, I had a link there for you, but I must have typed in the html wrong. Just try YouTube and see what you find. There's lots of stuff on him there.

Matt Butcher said...

It's not on YouTube--I looked and looked.