Monday, January 01, 2007


What a cold snap here in Nome. We woke up to -20 degrees this morning and right now, at 10:30 at night on New Year's Eve it is -18 degrees. I don't think it has gotten above zero all week. Just bloody cold. And we are not even the coldest in the state, not by far.

So what am I planning to do for the new year. 2007.

Nothing, really.

Anthony Bourdain on the Travel Channel recently talked about hating the tradition of new year resolutions. How arbitrary. Like anybody is really going to change anyway. We are what we are. We can have plans though.

I plan on writing more. Comic reviews for Independent Propaganda and pushing my Ambrosia comics blog. I will set aside time every week to do some personal writing too, short stories and comic scripts. I heard a wise man once say that you can squeeze in anything you want in your life if you allow 15 minutes a week for it. Anyone can do 15 minutes a week. I've been squeezing that in for the past few weeks already. I want to submit some of my review writing to Wizard magazine and others in the industry. Who knows? I might get lucky.

I want to find a doctorate program for English. Not education--English. I do not know what I will be able to find online though. This will be one tough part about living in Nome for this plan.

At school, we will be completely revitalizing the English department for subsequent years. We are going to sit down and complete an actual curriculum, what needs to be accomplished in what semesters from English I through English IV. That will take some work. Plus, I want to create a drama/speech class for the district.

Other than that, don't really have anything specifically nailed down. Just be me. When it comes down to it, that's a job in and of itself. I have to be a father and a husband and that's a hobby for myself. I like me and my life. So living it with these wonderful people is a great life.

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