Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Twin Peaks

I received this email yesterday from the real TWIN PEAKS FESTIVAL in North Bend, Washington, from a search I did on Twin Peaks years ago. I was just amazed that they still have one. Hasn't Twin Peaks been off the air for over 15 years? Does it actually have that much of a fan following? (I say this as I bit my lip because in a heartbeat I would go to The Prisoner convention in Portmeiron and that show has been off the air for over 35 years.)


From Ronette's bridge, to the Fat Trout Trailer Park, the Mill, the Sheriff 's station, the RR Diner, the Waterfall, the Great Northern Hotel, and more. A must-see guided tour of the town. Don't forget your camera! Hosted by our very own committee member, Jared Lyon.

Apparently they don't have any guests this year but I know that they had some big names in past years, Sherilynn Fenn being there a year or two ago. It would be fun to go with a fellow groupie and go see the sites.

I never saw Twin Peaks while it was actually on the air. My buddy Brian had luckily videotaped them all, way back before we had DVD box sets of favorite shows. Way back in the early 90s because I think I was still commuting to college. We had fest-nights, had some coffee "black as midnight on a moonless night" and some pie and sat around watching four or five episodes at a time. We weren't alone, thank God, there were two girls with us so we had a feeling of being cool (or I felt cool anyway by being around those girls, I can't speak for Brian). Those were some good times.

I even read a couple of Brian's Twin Peaks books, like the journal of Agent Cooper and the Diary of Laura Palmer.

I am still mad and upset at the way the series ended. One day, they simply must revisit it. I bet they would have if the first big-screen movie hadn't bombed. The movie was only good if you were a fan of the show, and as Serenity proved this last year, a cancelled show doesn't make a blockbuster movie.

I am still in limbo over the final fate of Agent Cooper.


Brian said...

Yeah, I always wanted some sort of closure on the show as well. It was great while it lasted, but the second season kind of drifted for a while after they figured out who killed Laura Palmer.

Those Peaks-fests were fun, though. I loaned the tapes to a dude and he didn't give them back for 2-3 years. Damn hippie.

The Little Man From Another Place said...

How's Annie?

Matt Butcher said...

who the hell is annie?

Matt Butcher said...

And Brian, that dude wasn't me, was it? I don't remember 2-3 years...maybe 2-3 months..