Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I haven't bragged about this yet. Morgan made this cute little nativity scene during her ceramics class last month. She also made a great looking bowl. This nativity scene though is one of those things that a family will love, absolutely love, to bring out every year.

These homemade things are more precious than anything we will ever own. I still have this one Mickey Mouse mug my mom made for me when I was Madison's age, about three or four. I painted the face of Mickey and my mom did my name on the side. It was nothing special at all. The paint is one solid light blue color all over Mickey and I didn't even stay in the lines. Yet that mug means more to me than my entire Superman collection, if you can believe that. That mug says warmth and love and a lifetime of memories. This nativity scene will say the same thing thirty years from now.
Plus, my desktop weather says it is -25 degrees out right now, so you have to find warmth when you can!

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