Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Nome today

As I write this, it is still bitterly cold outside, at -24 degrees. I went outside to snap a few photos and my right hand needed the glove off to hit the button. It just about froze in a minute. Man, is it cold. I would hate to be out in it for an extended period of time.

We went to the library today after picking Amy up from work. It's called the Kegoayah Kozga Library and it is right above the Cynthia McClain Museum. I picked up a book originally published in 1902 about a man's trip to Nome during the Gold Rush of the late 1800s. Fascinating stuff.

Droolingly, I opened the box we received from the post office. It was sent by Dark Horse Comics. Four trade paperbacks of samurai comics and one pre-production printoff of a comic that won't even be released until February 28, 2007, greeted me with a smile. Cover price alone is over $40 for all this goodness. I will read and write reviews and hopefully get more. This is better than money. Paid in comic books!
It's only Wednesday and I am already not looking forward to getting back to school. I really wish that the end of the semester had happened already. Instead, we have one more week after Christmas Break. What sense does that make? Three days are actual school days but then Thursday and Friday are Final Exams. However, a bunch of students don't even have to come due to the attendance policy of three or less absences, and the final exam isn't worth any more than 5% of the final grade anyway. So what difference does it make? I still must give a meaningful assessment to those students. Just wish it had all finished before the break, that's all. Then everybody could start fresh.

The sunset was pretty tonight. The colors across the widespread horizon seem to crackle in the cold air.

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