Saturday, January 20, 2007

Go Bears!

Tomorrow is the NFC Championship game.

Bears vs Saints

Soldier Field

I am so excited and apprehensive at the same time. I have been following the Bears, maybe for a tie back to my hometown, this year like never before, or at least since the magical '85 season. That year had the Superbowl Shuffle, a boast so powerful that no team could beat them. (Except Dan Marino's Dolphins on one lone Monday night game.)

This year though, they are not the super-colossal giants, like the Madden team on my Gamecube where I win every game by 40 points. These Bears are real people, thus fallible. That is what makes it so damn exciting.

I was on pins and needles last week against the Sea-Chickens. I was worried, but the Bears pulled through. That made it all the more adrenaline-pumpingly exciting.

I still think the Bears will win. Regardless of whether I am a fan or not, I would still pick them if I had to choose for a pool. It seems like America is rooting for the underdog Saints for all of New Orleans (which would make for a great story to tell come Superbowl time so the TV and media guys must be absolutely drooling for them to win). I would still pick the Bears.

Go Bears!

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