Monday, July 23, 2007


We had a fun past few days here in Illinois.

Thursday night, we went up to my mom's to spend the night to wake up early to go to Brookfield Zoo. Heather, Hannah, and Alex also went with us. It was a lot of fun, all being together, although I feel like a doofus for forgetting my camera.

Brookfield was crowded on Friday! The weather was decent--not too hot--so everyone and their mother was out. The funny part is that the drive wasn't too bad--we had to take two cars to fit everyone--but the last twenty minutes or so was spent less than a mile from the bloody zoo. I can't believe their parking system. We were waiting to turn in that long. Arduous, tedious, and moronic. However, the zoo was a ton of fun. It is so much fun to see it through the eyes of your kids.

We got home on Saturday afternoon, after shopping up in Oswego with my mom, and our Insight phone and internet were out. After finding a pay phone to call the 800#, twice, to schedule somebody to come out, a tech finally did on Sunday evening about six. Good news is that it's fixed. The weird thing is that he said we had a bad modem, which is something the installers were talking about the first day. They had to call in to the main office twice to see if it was on, and I remember the guy saying something along the lines of "bad modem." So did they leave us with a modem that was bad, waiting for it to crap out and have somebody sent out? Sounds like it.

All is normal in Normal. Amy has an interview right now. She is also waiting to hear from another place she temped at last week, so keep your fingers crossed.

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