Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Read the Fine Print

Ever notice that the laws that govern TV commercials about fine print never actually govern the size or time of the fine print?

It's so small that you struggle with getting used to the size and then it's never up there long enough to read unless you're using freeze frame. So what's the point?

Is it just to tell us that there is fine print involved? It could be saying "fine print fine print fine print gobbledygook fine print" for all we know.

Now, I understand fine print, especially in print ads. I think that TV commercials should be made to use a minimum legible font size. And if it's anything larger than a single sentence, then it should simply state, in even bigger letters, "Please check for all fine print details."

This just chaps my hide, that's all. How are you actually supposed to read it and make an informed decision? Look at a car ad on TV and actually try to read it next time and you'll see that something needs to be done about it.

(On a related subject, has anybody noticed how TV shows have started scrunching the ending credits to either nothingness or flashing them so fast that you can't read them? When I watch Law & Order on TNT, they overlap the credits onto the start of the next show, reducing the ending credits to almost nothingness. Why do they bother then? I remember when I was a kid watching Woody Woodpecker and Tom & Jerry cartoons that they never showed the credits at all.)

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