Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The fog of Seattle

While we were visiting Seattle in June, we took the ferry boat across the Puget Sound and ino Seattle. I have to say that this ferry experience is one of my best memories of living there. I would take the boat to date Amy. One time, I took the wrong ferry! She still came to pick me up.

Seeing the city's outline from the boat is phenomenal. It wasn't clear on this day, which we spent at the Science Center at the Seattle City Center under the Space Needle, but it was...Seattle. See, it was drizzly and wet, but not the downpour that we got here in Illinois the other week. When one sees "rainy" on the weather map for Seattle, it is usually just a drizzly, misty day. You can still do stuff. My dad has remarked that it is a lot like English weather, which makes sense to me with both west coasts being familiar.
I love this picture of Morgan that I took, sitting, staring out the window at the Sound. My lens was even a bit foggy from the condensation. That's Seattle, baby.

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