Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No Roads Lead FROM Nome Either

Remind me to never barge a car anywhere in the world again.

It didn't make it onto the barge. They are flat out lying to us now, as the people that dropped it off never said, "Don't." Why would they say, "Don't"? That makes no sense. But that is the excuse they are giving us.

Fortunately, I have been promised it will be on the next barge. Unfortunately, that's not for another 18 days or so. Or so, because you can't guarantee anything like times or dates here.

Thank goodness Amy got that job in downtown Bloomington at that financial company. Bus passes are only $22 for the month. And with Midland starting up August 16, we won't have two cars yet (but did I tell you about my cool new pick 'em up truck? Amy took it for a wash and wax today!). We still have to figure out where Madison will go for daycare or preschool. That's my assignment for tomorrow, I guess.

And I found actual comic books, single issues, at the Normal Public Library. Cool.

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