Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lord of the Sith

I am currently reading a Star Wars novel, Star Wars: Dark Lord--The Rise of Darth Vader by James Luceno (who is, oddly enough, the real name of Jack McKinney, the dude who wrote the Robotech novels--I did not know this). Anyway, I am reading it super fast. We picked it up at the library yesterday and I am already on page 200, even with my snail-pace reading ability. There's not much per page and reads really fast.

I am really interested in all this talk about the SITH. This was a thing of legend to us original trilogy geeks. All we knew is that it was some kind of title. It was mentioned in passing in descriptions of Vader in whatever we read. It was especially noticeable in one particular Topps trading card from The Empire Strikes Back, which simply had a picture of Darth Vader with lightsaber standing over the carbonite freezing chamber, and the card was entitled "Dark Lord of the Sith." We didn't know what it was. I would actually like to trace it back to when it got started and defined.

Anyway, Darth Vader's rise in this book actually helps make sense of the little discrepancies between the prequels and the classic trilogy, at least to me. Vader can't now dance and jump around lke the Jedi in the prequels because of his new cyborg suit. That made sense. All sorts of little things, especially the relationship between Palpatine and Vader come to play.

One of the big questions I have now is if Luke or Leia is the answer to the Great Prophecy that Anakin was supposed to be the answer to?

So I am just speculating here. Lots of Vader thoughts recently. Amy actually found me a bunch of original 1977 Star Wars figures at a garage sale recently. Vader was in the mix and it is just so cool. (The other 1977 loose figures I got in that stash were R5-D4, Stormtrooper, C-3PO, and a Death Star soldier with that cool black bowl on his head.)

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