Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'd like to draw...

You'd think with my 25+ year obsession with comics and animation of all kinds that I would be able to draw.

Not a lick. Even my stick figures look disfigured.

I have tried to draw on my white boards at school for reference for stuff and gotten laughed at horribly. You should have seen me once try to draw a quick horse to illustrate what the bit was (in reference to a story that we were reading). It looked like some kind of deranged sausage.

So when I see ads like this, I keep thinking, "Man, if only I could draw. I might have been able to do stories better. I might have written more comics because I would be in more control."

So my hat is off to the artists out there. I am truly amazed at what some people can do. When I am doing my comics reviews and I mention that the art is good, or bad, it is because I truly look at it and appreciate it. I know how hard it flipping is because I have tried it myself.

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