Friday, July 06, 2007

One Crazy Summer

It has been a long, arduous trip to get this far. But finally, we are all settled in our new apartment. We were even able to see Normal's fireworks display on the Fourth right off our own balcony.

We were even cut off from the world for quite a while. We finally got our phone, internet, and cable installed yesterday.

It is just good to be done! Moving can be such a headache and then think of moving well over 3000 miles!

We are all settled and Madison and Morgan each have their own rooms. Amy is crazy-looking for a job. Thank goodness I had one before we came out, or I think she would be a complete wreck, worrying about money. Now I get to play for a little while, thanks to the wonders of being a teacher with summers off! I actually have to go in one day next week to talk about curriculum for the upcoming year. I am so happy about talking about the upcoming year.

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