Monday, November 13, 2006

Versus Kotzebue Once Again

The Nome Nanook Varsity Volleyball team took on, once again, the Kotzebue Huskies here in Nome this past weekend. And we beat them again on both nights, both nights 3-0. (Even though the third game on Saturday almost stopped my heart a couple of times because the final score was 30-28, so that back and forth action was killing me.) Saturday was our Senior Night. I ordered flowers for the seven seniors and they got all choked up during the announcement of starting lineups. Our national anthem singer couldn't finish because of tears so we all, and everyone in the stands, finished the national anthem together. Quite sweet, actually.

My team looks good, and that is one of the reasons I have the previous head coach, who took off a couple years of coaching for family reasons, coming in to help out every once in a while. One night last week he held a small clinic for us that focused on blocking and hitting. He is immensely good at breaking down all the little things. He came in today to help show us some little things that I think we all needed to see, such as some court positioning. He calls them "LTLP," or, "Little Things, Lots of Points." We had a tremendously good practice because of it. He has been coaching regular girls and mixed 6 for years, and even won state with Nome back in 1999. He knows his stuff.

This coming weekend is one of our last trips. We are going to Bethel to play in their yearly tournament. We would like to take some revenge on Bethel, as they beat us twice this year earlier. That will be phenomenal practice before Regionals the first weekend of December.

I still wish we played Barrow, our other conference rivalry, at least once before Regionals. But we will be prepared. This team is great and I think they are starting to feel great too. Going into Regionals, that's all you can really hope for. If they get psyched up, they will do great things.

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