Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Skeletor is Darkseid, Darkseid is Skeletor

From on Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It is speculated that the Masters of the Universe movie is actually derivative of Jack Kirby's Fourth World;, featuring characters now found in the DC Comics Universe: Orion (He-Man), Kalibak (Beast Man), Kanto (Blade), and Darkseid (Skeletor). Cross-dimensional travel from Eternia to Earth is via a concept identical to the classic Boom Tube. There are many additional parallels to be drawn from the Fourth World source material to the characters in the film than from the He-Man material.

According to issue #497 of Comic Shop News, Comic Book Legend John Byrne says, "The best New Gods movie, IMHO, is Masters of the Universe. I even corresponded with the director, who told me this was his intent, and that he had tried to get [Jack] Kirby to do the production designs, but the studio nixed it."

"Check it out. It requires some bending and an occasional sex change (Metron becomes an ugly dwarf, The Highfather becomes the Sorceress), but it's an amazingly close analog, otherwise. And Frank Langella's Skeletor is a dandy Darkseid!"

I never knew this before but it makes a lot of sense, especially seeing the Masters of the Universe character Zodak and the Fourth World character Metron on their cosmic chairs! And DC did some of the original comic books (not the minicomics that came with the figures).

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