Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Been a few days

I have stumbled in my updates. Since I don't think anyone reads this, I won't worry about it. But I will catch it up.

So the volleyball team lost to Bethel again Saturday afternoon. Three straight games. We played awesome the first game and almost managed to take it, but we didn't. And the girls got so frustrated that we got taken pretty easily the second game. Then the third game was close but no cigar. They played their hearts out, they really did. We ended up taking home a second place trophy and two girls made all-tourney team. We had a nice team meeting after the game and aired some stuff that needed to be said, both ways, toward me and toward the girls, and I think we made some nice headway.

Regionals is the first weekend in December. No games this weekend for Thanksgiving but we will have a practice Friday afternoon. The seeding for our three teams was drawn out of a hat. Kotzebue got the first seed and a first round bye and we took third seed. That means that second seed went to Barrow, thus our first match of the Regional. Good to get that going actually. Since it is a double elimination tournament, we will have to beat Barrow twice outright anyway. This makes it so the best team actually goes to State and not some fluke.

Then I missed just about all of football this weekend. We didn't land back in Nome until 2 pm. And last night, the family put up our Christmas tree and decorations so we were busy during Monday Night Football. I am sure I had the most fun though. Madison is at that really fun Christmas age right now. She keeps saying, "Santa Claus is coming soon." It is so much fun. Morgan is having a great time with it all too. Pictures will come this week.

Other than that, not much this first half of the week. Romeo and Juliet with the sophomores and Midsummer Night's Dream with the seniors, so I get my Shakespeare fill!

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