Saturday, November 18, 2006

Versus Kotz yet again

We beat Kotzebue again this morning, 3-0. The first game was awfully close and we were actually behind for a majority of the game. But the girls managed to come back and then take the next two games pretty easily. I chalk the first game up to simply being a morning game (although with practicing at 6 am, you'd think we'd be better at morning games).

We will have to play Kotzebue again, at the very least once, at Regionals, in Kotzebue, on December 1 and 2. The three way, double-elimination bracket will mostly likely give us second seed, even though there is much debate about the whole thing with Nome never playing Barrow this year during the regular season. That means we will play Kotzebue to start Regionals. If we win, we will then play Barrow. Unless we beat Barrow that first game, we will have to play Kotzebue again in order to move on to Barrow again. (Barrow beat Kotzebue this year in the two matches they played and no one foresees them losing to Kotzebue again.) That also means we must beat Barrow twice to move on to State, no matter what. The only way we will have to play Barrow only once is if we beat them in that first game against them and then Barrow somehow loses to Kotzebue.

That is why it is so important to play teams from your conference during the regular season. There is this stigma hanging in the air that Nome can't beat Barrow. That first game may all be nerves. However, I think my team is pretty darn awesome this year and if we eliminate some little mistakes, we will take 'em!

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