Saturday, November 18, 2006

Versus Kalskag

We made it to Bethel just fine. Turns out that what we thought was the same big tournament as last year is now just a few games hodgepodged together over a weekend. We flew down on the same plane with the team from Kotzebue. Then we had to wait in the Bethel Regional High School lobby on top of our luggage for four hours until the games began.

We only played one game tonight, at 4:30 versus the Kalskag Grizzlies. We won 3-1. We won the first two and lost a bit of focus in the third game, but then managed to play just fine in the fourth to win the match. Kalskag has one exceptionally good player that is just a phenomenon.

We then walked to the Bethel AC (Alaska Commerical grocery store) for some refreshments for later in the evening. They've got this boardwalk, this elevated wooden walkway that goes all over. It's pretty icy out and I managed to have my footing give out from under me and fell on my backside. There'll be a big bruise there tomorrow. I really bumped down hard. I must need new boots because the traction in them is just about gone.

Tomorrow we play Kotzebue, yet again, at 10:00 am. Kotzebue told me there is a lot of hoopla being emailed around about seeding for Regionals, since Nome never played Barrow this year. They may end up drawing it out of a hat, if you can believe that. Then we'll play Bethel at 2:00 pm, hoping for a bit of revenge since they beat us twice this year on our home turf. Unfortunately, there is no going home early with all of the shuffling of teams and backhauling--each flight is interconnected with another flight.

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