Friday, November 10, 2006


This week is one of those odd confluxes of time. We had a three-day school week followed by two days of parent-teacher conferences. This weekend is also another pair of volleyball games versus our conference rivals Kotzebue. This will be the third pair of matches we have played them this year.

Conferences revolves around us bunch of teachers at our own individual tables in this big room in the high school called the RC. The parents, if they want, can come in and talk with us. Last night the hours were 12-8 pm and today it is from 8-4. I just wish we could somehow mandate parents into coming. I still think Bremerton had the best idea I have seen so far with their student-led conferences where the parents had to come in order for their child to receive a satisfactory grade on their portfolio for that year, which was a state-required cumulative project to graduate.

I'm getting out of my funk for the most part. I simply don't like being down that I end up berating myself internally to get out of it. I'm a fighter when it comes to that, learning at an early age to live every day fully. I'm here I may as well be the best I can be.

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