Wednesday, November 22, 2006

5 More Practices

5 more volleyball practices. That's all. That even includes the two we are adding this weekend in our final push to Regionals.

Tomorrow, of course, will have no practice, being Thanksgiving. Friday, we are going to hold a 4-6 pm practice. Saturday, we will have practice from 11-1. Then just Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning next week because Thursday we fly to Regionals in Kotzebue. If we make it out in first place, and my team is definitely good enough to beat Barrow, then the next week will be State in Anchorage. We made it there last year, but our Far North Conference had two berths to State due to some kind of rotational system, even though there were only three teams in the conference. This year, it is just one berth, one outright winner in a double elimination tournament.

We are ready. We started working through a 6-2 offense. Even though it may be a little late, it may be the spark we need to get to that next level. We usually ran the 4-2 all year, but maybe that wasn't agressive enough. The team's all set--they just have to want it now. They have to be the ones that say to themselves and each other that they're the best. I tell them that, but now is when they have to believe it.

5 more practices.

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