Thursday, July 20, 2006

Madison the Addict

Madison has a problem. She's addicted and she can't quit.

We're talkin' about controlled substance here.

We're talkin' about...lip gloss.

She loves the make-up. She's a freak for it. She will track this stuff down in the house, whether it be Mom's or Morgan's, and call it her own. She will proceed to rub it all over her lips, mouth, face, until it is gone. She keeps applying coats until she looks like Ronald McDonald.

This morning, she took her mom's new lip gloss thing. As she was being told, repeatedly, to put it back, she likes to just put it to the side. "I put it here for you," she says. Then she'll go to grab it again.

This morning, she got smart about it. She put the lip gloss down on the table ON TOP of one of her little toys, a toy dustpan she has. Then, get this, she tells us she is going to put her toy AWAY. She grabs the dustpan, carefully balancing the lip gloss on it, and slinks away. We just stared in amazed shock, trying to keep back the laughter.

Can we fault that kind of ingenuity? We let her have her fix.

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