Friday, July 07, 2006

Here is a very good little article about a push that's out there to simplify spelling. I disagree with this idea. I understand that spelling changes throughout time but to alter the spelling of some words changes the meaning we associate with how a word looks. Homophones would lose individual meaning.

Now, I must admit that some words would actually benefit and be none the worse for wear. Take "through" for instance. Even I, an anal retentive English geek, often spell it "thru." I would have to search etymological orgins of "you" but I bet it could easily go down to just "u." "One," a word that is in beginning reader books, is hard to impress a process of sounding out the word. Some words can change. But when a word like "publix" in the article is supposed to be "public's"--I think we lose the meaning of the word or its case of possession in this case.

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