Monday, July 03, 2006

I was also able to pick up a one-shot comic entitled Fantastic Four: A Death in the Family written by Karl Kesel. I had the chance to meet him once at a Seattle comic convention and he signed a copy of a Superman book he wrote. I've always enjoyed his stuff, the title intrigued me, and especially an opportunity for a one-shot as a single story enticed me. It was a thicker comic book than a regular one and cost one dollar more.

What a great story. I was wondering why they felt the need for a one-shot. Why not just wait for a month when they would need a filler? There are no continuity issues as it stands completely on its own. This comic would fit anywhere. I realize that they gave it a one-shot because it was such a great story. The art by Lee Weeks was also great.

Unfortunately, the concept of the one-shot broke down on me. The actual "A Death in the Family" story took only 23 pages, a regular comic's length. The rest of the comic then included a reprint of Fantastic Four #245 from 1982 by John Byrne. That in itself was a good issue, but for the life of me I just can't see a direct connection between that story and "A Death in the Family." Why were they put together? Since I did not peruse the issue before I bought it, I actually felt a little gipped when I realized that the story I was reading was only half the issue. There was an added Franklin Richards bonus story at the end that was cute. Why were the three of these put together? I wish it were called Fantastic Four Special or something. Save the stories for an annual or something. Don't call it a one-shot when it is really only a half-shot. Also, maybe they could have just written something on the cover, especially about telling me it included a full reprint.

Don't get me wrong. These were fabulous comics. A+ all the way. I am glad I got them. Just a couple of things that need to be tweaked to increase the story, when talking about Fantastic Four #537, and to show the coherence in a book, when talking about "A Death in the Family."

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