Saturday, April 07, 2007

Walk Across the World update

I'm amazed. Over a year ago, I wrote about this guy Karl Bushby walking around the world and crossing the Bering Sea. I thought he was crazy.

He did it.

Last year, he managed to trek across the ice from Wales, Alaska, to the coast of Russia. He was the first man to cross the Bering Straits.

I watched the BBC Inside Out on his Bering Straits adventure from his own website.

What strikes me as odd is that he was arrested soon after his arrival. It seems he never obtained the necessary permits for entering at an unauthorized checkpoint and carrying a GPS and a handgun. He was deported back to Alaska.

He obtained some permits and went back. Just last month, he had his GPS tracking equipment taken again. Now he is stuck somewhere in Russia, waiting for approval of that equipment.

I'm still a bit floored that he made it across the Straits, especially after watching those videos. It was no easy feat. But after all that, you think he would have had somebody worry about his permits? I mean, it has been over a year now of pretty much wasted time because he never got those permits and now sits in limbo. I guess, since he started back in '98 from the bottom tip of South America, another year is no big deal. This apparently is what this guy "does" now.

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