Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The great new candy passion

A few years ago, I sat bolt upright when I tasted Starburst jelly beans at Easter time. Yum. Just perfect. I now have a new favorite, which unfortunately for me is an old favorite.

I now love the Cadbury Mini-Eggs.
There is a soft meltiness to them that I find delicious...and familiar.
Years ago. when I was old enough to remember one of my childhood trips to England, I fell in love with Cadbury's Flake bar. I especially love and remember them from the Blackpool Pleasure Beach in an ice cream cone and called a 99er.
And that's what I remember. These eggs have to be the same chocolate filling. I distinctly recall that flavoring. No wonder I like them.
Great stuff, no matter what package it's in. It's actually really cool because you can't get Flake in America, without trouble or specialty shops. Now I can get them at Easter time, just called Mini-Eggs.
I think I ate both my daughters' stashes of them all.

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