Wednesday, April 04, 2007

June 1938

Imagine reading comics in early 1938. You have titles that had cowboys and detectives and funnies. There were no superheroes yet. Imagine reading your copy of New Adventure Comics #27,which in itself says how long comics had been going if it was published monthly or semi-monthly, in 1938 and coming on this ad for a new comic book series. It featured a guy who lifted a car above his head. It was phenomenal at the time. Trying to put myself in that position, I just get shivers. Superman was first appearing, and he was not a smash yet. He had been denied publication in other magazines. National Comics took a chance on him. Just imagine being a kid. Would I have thought, "Ah, no way!" Would I have wondered how he could do that? Would I have said, "Neato." Regardless, another comic book would have been great. It featured other stories besides Superman. Action Comics #1 was on its way.

The next issue of New Adventure Comics, #28, came and again there was an ad for the next Action Comics. Superman was already pushed off the cover. The publisher didn't trust in Superman as a sales generator yet and went with one of their tried and true adventure strips as a cover. Imagine a world where Superman wasn't on the cover of his only magazine.

This is history.

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