Sunday, April 01, 2007

Radium isn't dangerous!

This page from a 1962 DC comic book highlights the wonders of science. The fascinating part is on RADIUM.

I remember my high school science teacher, Mr. Alexander. His bailiwick was about radium. As I teach English, I know I really push my love for Shakespeare and Tennyson. The number one thing he tried to get across were the dangers of radium. We had whole units on it and watched videos on how people got cancer after just having their little radium dial alarm clocks on their bed tables, and the workers who had to paint them on the clocks. Burned into my memory is the thought of the workers licking their brush for a finer point to get on the dial, so they were basically sucking on radium.
I also love it when the old comics, for instance to defeat a character like the Human Torch, use asbestos.

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