Monday, March 12, 2007

RIP Captain America

By now, many have seen the news articles on the fact that Marvel has had Captain America assassinated in his latest comic book, Captain America #25.
Coming on the heels of Marvel's CIVIL WAR storyline, which also saw the unmasking to the world of Spider-Man as Peter Parker, this comic was actually quite good. It of course was a bit sappy in that they had to stress his being a living legend. However, the legacy of Captain America is well worth it. While I was not a full-blown Avengers or Cap fan, I have read a fair share of the adventures. He did stand for something, something akin to Superman in the realm of comics.
I have to nod my head in remembrance to Joe Underwood. Cap was his absolute favorite. The death of Captain America brought a new tear to my eye as I then thought of the death of Joe Underwood in the same breath. I still remember you, Joe. I still remember sitting on the bus with him during detasseling season the summer before I started high school at Somonauk. He was one of the first ones who talked to me. I remember him boasting of his love for the rock band Genesis with their new album Invisible Touch and then we also got on the same footing with our love of comic books.
It's a ploy though. Marvel won't keep Cap dead. They are trying to raise sales on a slipping title. It'll work.
Joe would be happy about that.

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