Saturday, March 24, 2007

68 days

68 days.

When you start a countdown, you're looking forward to something. And saying goodbye to what you had before.

It's official. The Butchers are moving back to Illinois this summer. On the night of May 31, we fly away from Nome. We'll spend a month visiting the family in the Seattle area and then drive across this great land of ours back to my home state of Illinois.

We like Nome. We really do. Morgan found some lifelong friends and some cultural experiences that will shape her years. Amy and I loved the small town feel. The folks who live here are great, truly great people. They are strong and hardy and full of character. Working in the school district here, I have seen plenty of the character that is Nome.

I love my job. I am the sophomore and senior English teacher. That's the absolute perfect position for my talents and skills. I was autonomous enough where I helped shape the curriculum that will be here after me. The kids are fantastic, actually stronger than any district that I have had before. There is personality here.

However, it is time for us to go back.

That's pretty much my answer as to why. It's time for us to go back. It's time to be near my family on my home field advantage. Before Nome, Alaska, I lived in the Seattle area since 1999. That's enough for now. It's time to go home. It is time to settle down.

We want to buy a home. I have an excellent prospect that I am looking forward to as I search for Illinois positions that I am really pulling for. The district sounds great and I really hope on Monday I get a call saying, "You're in." Then we'll buy a house and have the kids go to school and I'll teach and we'll all grow old and enjoy the rest of our lives.

I love Nome and I'll miss it. I really will. I will still follow the Iditarod every year. I will still be emailing some of these wonderful folks every chance I get.

Thanks, Nome.

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