Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Family portrait underneath the finish line

Since Morgan had to be downtown for her shift selling concessions at the Mini-Convention Center for Anvil Science Academy this morning, we walked downtown a bit as a full family. We had these photos of the whole family taken under the arch. Lance Mackey had left White Mountain and it usually takes 9-10 hours to get to Nome from there.
You feel like Christmas, in a way. The whole state of Alaska and the center of the mushing world is here in Nome today. Lots of different folks about. As we went to see the art exhibition at Old St. Joe's Catholic Church, my Chicago Bears coat made for quite a conversation starter. Unfortunately, I had to battle Packer fans, but it was fun. One older couple from Peoria playfully accosted me and my football tastes. They were having fun kidding with a local way up here in Nome. Another guy said he grew up in Barrington, so I called him rich, even though now he lives in Boston and roots for the Patriots. So I had the pleasure of meeting several new people today, all on account of my coat!

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