Monday, March 26, 2007


I had never read any H.P. Lovecraft before. I have read many many references to it, especially in the world of comic books in which I live. I think the most striking factor recently that made me look up his stories was the reference to the Top Cow comic book The Unusual Suspects I wrote a review for a week ago. He mentioned the "elder gods" in the book and it just struck me. I really don't know that much about Lovecraft and am intensely curious. All these gods references interest me. I even have that "godchecker" code on the left margin here that presents a daily deity of the day that I find pretty neat.
Now I've read a good six or seven of his short stories and I love them. They are atmospheric and actually downright scary. They really feel like some sort of history, especially the way they intertwine with each other with references about the Necronomicon and the same made-up characters alongside real historical figures. Ingenious. I'm hooked. I even started looking up Lovecraft sources online. Darn it, I'm hooked on a new universe!
The Lovecraft book I found was on Australia's Gutenberg site, absolutely free. I didn't realize it was so long when I went to print it, but 2,100 pages later I have it all. Excellent.

Video Description Greetings puny mortals. It is I, the mightiest of the Old Gods, Cthulhu. I slumber now, lying eternally, until the stars are right, and I return for my ravening delight. Great will be the wailing and powerful the lamentations when . . .
Okay, look. Fact is, I can't sleep. It's nothing serious, I'll probably get back to sleep in a few years or so. But I didn't want to just lie there, counting the holes in the ceiling tiles, and watching reruns of "Mister Ed". So, I figured I'd get up and answer some letters.
So go ahead. If you've got questions for Cthulhu, hit me. I may just be bored enough to answer.

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