Saturday, March 17, 2007

Meet the mushers

Morgan and I got to go to the 2007 Iditarod Meet and Greet for the mushers. We got a ton of autographs, of current and past mushers. We shook hands with several past winners, Jeff King, Martin Buser, Libby Reynolds, Dick Mackey, Mitch Seavey...Then we got to meet our favorite, the one we've been rooting for since last year, lucky bib #13 this year (because his dad won it in '78 wearing that bib and his brother won it in '83 wearing that bib), Lance Mackey.

These are some of his autographs. He even signed the picture of his lead dog Larry.
He got a kick out of showing him the 2006 picture below and the 2007 one I "re-created." I captured him two years in a row going up the hill next to the Subway restaurant and onto Front Street for the last stretch to the finish line. He said he was much more enthusiastic this year!

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