Sunday, March 11, 2007

Paid for that snow day...

I'm gonna pay for that snow day. While it was really cool to get an unannounced day off in the middle of the week, now we have to work on Saturday.

We had two parent/teacher conferences days set up for the week we go back to school, after this coming week's Iditarod Break, for Thursday and Friday. Now Thursday is a regular school day and Friday is a P/T day. Then we come back on Saturday from 8-1 for more conferences.

I shouldn't complain. The original plan for Thursday was conferences from 12-8 pm. Now I get to spend that time with my family, especially since Amy is off work on Thursdays. So missing the night shift is good.

Just something about working Saturday when you already work Monday-Friday. Weekends recharge the batteries, and they give teachers precious time, for planning and grading papers, and for family. I think the battery recharge is the main component.

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