Friday, March 23, 2007

DVD sets

I was talking with a fellow teacher today. It was funny; we both mentioned that we watch movies about 15 minutes at a time because our home lives are busy and get interrupted. I said that's why I like those DVD sets of TV shows because those are nice and short, one episode at a time. He said that he has been getting into BATTLESTAR GALACTICA that way. I, of course, said that I love the new BATTLESTAR GALACTICA too.

The part that made me wonder something was that we both don't watch them on TV as they come out now. We both know the SCI-FI CHANNEL is on, what, Season Three now? We were guessing. We are both on Season 2 or 2.5 on DVD. But we don't watch the new ones on TV because we know that each season, even each episode, builds on the previous one. It's not like an episode of SEINFELD where you can watch any one of the 100+ episodes and not be lost. And we know that eventually Season Three will be on DVD. But by then Season 3.5 or 4 will be out. Now we are in a perpetual lagging.

I am also doing this now with the HBO miniseries on ROME. My wife and I watch the DVDs but not the new episodes because too much has happened.

All of this would sort of be like reading the first 10 chapters of a book, fast forwarding to chapter 20, then going back to chapter 11.

I wonder how many people are in this cycle now for their TV shows?

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