Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Notes found at school

I keep track of these because, as an English teacher and a linguist at heart, I find it fascinating. The spelling and the syntax are all revealing.(Names have been changed...)

y were u pissed this morning+ did johnny tell u wat happened 2 me

yeah im still pissed @ her

I hope he dont drop i will be mad
Do you think he will.

IDK! I hope Not!

wat if he does

Ill hurt him :(
Not Really

I couldn't go skating...long story...I got an idea...I have to go to Sams on sat. so how about you guys come over...

Kay ill ask her

ok :)

Next hour, but ill prob. wont bring Jimbo though

has Johnny sat wit Sandy anymore?

IDK hey did he tell u wat happed 2 me?

no...wat happened?

I went 2 my gf's house yester day + i found her in bed wid another guy I beat the piss out of him :@

holy shit who is ur gf?

Susie from Peru now She is my X

omg...bitch does she have myspace?

I Dont think so

damn...I wanted 2 bitch her r one of my good freinds and no one cheats on you...f*** her you can find someone better soon.

thanks man I am still p (Notetaken at this point)

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