Monday, May 19, 2008

Hardly Any School Left

Funny thing today was that I made it the whole year and today I finally missed my exit on the highway. I go north on 39/51 and get off on Exit 35 on Route 17. I was listening to talk radio this morning and missed my exit! I had to backtrack. I thought about making a U-turn on one of those "Authorized Vehicles Only" turns but I just know I would've gotten into trouble if I had. No sweat.

I saw a total of ten students today, five in each of two classes, taking the final today. This attendance policy sure brings them in during the year when they need to be here!

Now all I have left is teacher checkout. Done deal. This afternoon, my lunch buddies and I are watching that movie CHALK before we go home. Kind of an end-of-the-year celebration.

I had a great year here. Absolutely wonderful. My classes were good--I never really fought with that homework problem. I never really fought with the students. Actually, the only students I had a problem with were second-year freshmen retaking English I. They were my only issues.

The seniors were great. I just have to remember what a senior year feels like when I assign stuff for next year. They still need to work but I also need to expect that perfection is not the goal.

Now here's to three months off!! I will be reading and watching movies, probably posting and talking about them here on The Butcher Shop.

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