Friday, May 16, 2008

3 Workdays

Aahhh...The #1 benefit of being a high school teacher:


We only have three workdays left. Our actual last day was today--I held a coffeehouse for the freshmen. Those that have to take final exams, due to attendance or grades, take the finals on Monday or Tuesday (there's an attendance policy, geared towards gaining more daily attendance, that the student can miss five days and have a grade of C or better and not take the final). Then Wednesday is a final teacher workday.

Aahhh...Now I am planning what to do this summer!

Lots of reading. Lots of movie watching--all those ones I borrowed from my dad! Teaching Madison to read before kindergarten in the fall. Watching horror movies with Morgan. Sitting by the pool watching the kids.

The best part is that I will be making money sitting on my ass.

With gas prices (today I paid $3.89 a gallon) since I use about four gallons a day to get to and from work and not paying daycare for Madison, I plan on socking away about $200 or more a week.

As Alice Cooper said, "School's out for summer!"

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