Thursday, August 02, 2007

Toy Recall

Mattel is recalling one million toys. I hastily went through Madison's stuff because Elmo and Dora the Explorer toys are affected.

After going through the pictures on the website, I thought, "Oh, my God, she has a couple of these."

She has these Dora figures pictured here. She had another figure of Dora's sister, but I don't think it made the move from Nome because I can't find it anywhere and we are not yet too entrenched into the apartment for things to go missing. I was very scared, especially after that product recall a month or two ago of Thomas the Tank toys with lead-based paint. That is what is supposedly wrong with these Dora figures, lead-based paint.

Thankfully, the product recall only affects products bought after May 1, 2007. We bought these for Madison in Nome like two Christmases ago.

A child died in Seattle from those Thomas the Tank toys. How...why do they even make lead-based paint anymore, anywhere in the world? Shouldn't there be a worldwide ban on it, regardless of cost or circumstance, much like radium-dial clocks?

It makes me wonder about where these are produced exactly and if any of the laborers there are becoming sick. I bet there will be no news articles on that aspect. Mattel needs to step up and do more than a recall, as I hope they are already doing. They need to trace the toys to the source and the paint and all the equipment needs to be inspected. I hope nobody else in the world is dying over these.

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Donny said...

Thought I'd answer your questions Matt. "Why do they even make lead based paint anymore" - Because China is still a 3rd world country when it comes to the treatment of its consideration towards air or water pollution standards (as evidenced by what they're going to be doing prior to the 2008 Olympics)'s all based on cheapness. A better question is why would the U.S. allow its corporations to outsource/insource with countries such as this? I think we both know the answer to this:)

"It makes me wonder about where these are produced exactly and if any of the laborers there are becoming sick." Produced in China by child-slave laborers similar to the children used in this country back when there were no labor laws. You can bet that the child laborers there are dying in droves...but they're just replaced by the next batch.