Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Madison started her first ballet lesson last night. She was so excited. And she is such a ham; I asked her to do a ballet pose for the picture and she did this without prompting!

We had to start bribing Madison to sleep in her bed all night long. With toys. We bought some Dollar Store toys and said she can only get them if she spends the night in her bed without coming to our bed. Amy and I only have a full, which is plenty big enough for the two of us, but if you add in this 45-pound bed hog, the room quickly disappears. It's worked two nights in a row so far. Just this morning, as I am putting on my tie about ten after five, she groggily comes up to me, "Daddy, I slept in my bed all night. Can I have the bouncy ball?"

As long as she sleeps in her bed!

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